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I used the evidence-based therapy approach of Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) when working with clients. 


SFBT is an effective therapy approach that seeks to inspire people to be their very best! This therapy approach is completely different from other forms of therapy you might have experienced or tried. 

  • You aren't required to retell your most difficult moments or the traumas you have experienced

  • We focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses

  • We focus on solutions

  • There is a consistent effort to look at abilities and capacities 

  • You can achieve lasting change quickly

Come build hope to achieve your greatest desires!

*All appointments are tele-therapy appointments!*





Paperwork to fill out prior to your appointment below!

Therapy offered:

 - Individuals

 - Couples


RATE: $175 an hour


Learning should be enjoyable! I believe that if you invest your time and energy into learning something, it better be worth it! I believe that learning should be ENGAGING and FUN!


If you attempt to learn solution focused brief therapy, you should understand the evidence that supports its effectiveness. You should know, not only that it works, but HOW it works. It is in understanding the how that makes practitioners able to utilize the approach in their own practices. In my teaching/training I provide the latest research evidence to support what I teach, but I do this in a way that makes the learning engaging and applicable to clinicians. 


I believe that only by watching and understanding real cases can practitioners really grasp how to do this work. I believe clinicians should be challenged to question their own assumptions and biases, but should be allowed to do so in a supportive and caring environment. Learners should feel uplifted and encouraged as they try on new skills. 


Just like clients who experience SFBT, practitioners learning this approach should be filled with hope and optimism about the impact this approach can have on changing lives!

To make an appointment with me, call me at +1 678-693-2232 or email me at

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